DSD Speed Display System

DSD speed display system with immediate behaviour feedback and integrated success check

The new DSD speed display, also known as dialogue display, works with radar technology and
high-powered LEDs to make an active contribution to more traffic safety.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Ideal for temporary use to reduce speed
    • in residential areas
    • in front of retirement homes
    • on ways to school
    • on construction sites
    • in play streets
  • Modern sensor technology
  • Registering speeds already possible from 3 km/h
  • unbreakable lightweight
  • installed in no timeh by one person in only 5 minutes
  • different types of power supplies


DSD – reduces speed for maximum safety! 
As an option, the myTrafficData online portal can be used to produce reports and configure the DSD. How heavy is the traffic at a certain time of day? How far are vehicle speeds being reduced? You can produce detailed, meaningful reports directly online with the DSD smart.


My Traffic DataThe web-based myTrafficData program package acts as the communications centre for your DSD measuring system. It gives you secure access to your data and systems wherever you are. myTrafficData lets you create set-up files, visualise graphics and reports, manage your systems and measuring points and even process external data formats.

  • DSD Geschwindigkeitsanzeigensystem

    DSD Geschwindigkeitsanzeigensystem

    LED, zur Messung und Anzeige der KFZ-Geschwindigkeit

  • Smartphone App DSD light

    Smartphone App DSD light

    zur Einstellung des DSD light über Handy oder Tablet, nur geeignet für Betriebssystem Android

  • Software „WebReporter“ für DSD

    Software „WebReporter“ für DSD

    Internetbasierende Kommunikationsplattform