Aufbau-Vorwarner AV-LED

Add-on prewarner AV-LED

With the mobile MV-LED pre-warning device, you can use high-intensity LED technology to actively warn of daytime construction sites, emergency and danger spots in traffic accidents and temporarily changed traffic routes - even at events.

Our trailer is standard equipped with a height-adjustable drawbar including exchangeable DIN eyelet as well as ball head towing device and is approved for speeds of up to 100km/h. So the mobile LED pre-warning panel can be used by either car or truck.

MV-LED consists of two LED display panels, which are light-technically tested according to EN 12966 and modularly built on top of each other. The upper LED panel, which is preferably used to display traffic signs in the form of discs or triangles, has red and white LEDs (48x48px). The lower display board is equipped with white LEDs (64x80px). This area serves in the entire height as a traffic guidance board (VZ 501 ff) or information display, also with moving symbols and on request with separately fade in additional texts and meter indications. On request, our LED boards can also be supplied completely red/white or in RGB technology. The automatic light intensity adjustment to the ambient brightness ensures that the boards are always well perceived. On the right and left side of the upper display board, a BASt approved LED dual warning light system is also fitted as standard. The MV-LED display boards are folded down with the display surface during transport and thus protected from direct weather influences. Therefore, the display surface does not have to be cleared of snow before use in winter.

Technical data

Overall length 2.750mm
Overall width 1.690mm
Height (hinged down) 1.520mm
Loading width 1.690mm
Loading length 1.940mm
Weight ca. 460kg
Battery casing (LxWxH) 540 x 1.120 x 310mm
Signalling technology BASt-tested double LED warning light system Ø 340 mm; display signs as self-contained LED systems, protection rating IP 54; 
lighting test as per EN 12966
upper LED display sign 1,115 x 1,115 mm, resolution 48 x 48 px, LED colours red/white
lower LED display sign 1,405 x 1,720 mm, resolution 64 x 80 px, LED colour white; red/white on request; all LEDs also available in RGB as an option
Scope of supply without chassis and without battery
Set down with the forklift truck on the loading area of the desired security vehicle

Set down with forklift truck on the loading area of the safety vehicle and secure it with holding eyes

Operating device

Operating device with color display directly on the pre-warning panel

Radio remote control

Optional radio remote control with color display