2 in1: LED prewarner with additional overhead sign 6 metres high

Mobile LED-Prewarner with TOP-LED overhead sign Berghaus TOP-LED 2.

Mobile LED-Prewarner with TOP-LED overhead sign
Berghaus TOP-LED 2.

The new Berghaus TOP-LED 2 offers two mobile LED prewarners in one: we have now combined the many varied possibilities offered by our mobile LED prewarner MV-LED with the advantages of the TOP-LED overhead sign on one chassis as TOP-LED 2. 

The user is now free to decide whether to operate TOP-LED 2 just as a normal LED prewarner on the side of the road or, depending on the traffic situation, to extend the projecting arm with LED signs at a height of six metres above the carriageway. Particularly on multilane highways, this ensures that adequate warning is also given to road users on the outside and middle lane, whose view of roadside LED prewarners on the hard shoulder is often concealed by trucks in the slow lane. 

In addition to the back of the LED prewarner, the complete surface of the overhead LED sign can be used in landscape format for traffic signs, texts, information and moving images. It is thus possible to show signs above the carriage for more than just two lanes. The LED display signs have gone through lighting tests as per EN 12966 and are also available in RGB design on request.

The scope of supply includes Germanlanguage editing software for users to create road signs, pictograms, symbols and texts as well as running continuous text, for compilation on the PC. Berghaus TOPLED 2 is mounted on a hot-dip galvanised trailer with inertia brake and parking brake. The standard version of the tandem trailer has a height-adjustable drawbar with exchangeable DIN eye and ball-type towing device. This means TOP-LED 2 can be towed either by car or truck. The overhead LED sign is set up and lowered with a hydraulic lifting and lowering device. Hydraulic supports ensure the system is set up quickly and safely on site. The system has been successfully stability-tested at wind speeds of up to 85km/h.

The TOP-LED 2 mobile prewarner by Berghaus lets you give road users clearly visible warning in good time about oneday roadworks, emergency and hazard situations at roadworks and temporarily changed road layouts, thus making an active contribution to the safety of road users and workers on construction sites and hazard situations.

Control panel:

Own control panel with LCD display mounted on the trailer or optional radio remote control. Emergency control to lower the tower manually and retract the boom.