Mobile prewarner – Freely programmable for universal use.

MV-LED: flexible visualisation of freely programmable road signs.

MV-LED: flexible visualisation of freely programmable road signs.

The MV-LED consists of two LED display signs with lighting test as per EN 12966 and fitted as modules on top of each other. The upper LED sign is used preferably for round or triangular road signs and has red and white LEDs (48 x 48 px). The display sign in the lower section is equipped with white LEDs (64 x 80 px). This area acts in its full height as traffic control board (VZ 501 et seq.) or information sign, also with moving symbols and, on request, with the possibility of separately superimposing additional texts and distance details in metres. On request, the LED prewarners can also be supplied completely in red/white or RGB technology. The luminous intensity is automatically adjusted to the ambient brightness for good visibility at all times. In addition, a BASt-tested double LED warning light is also fitted to the right and left of the upper display sign as a standard feature. During transport, the display signs of the MV-LED are hinged down with the display surface inside to protect it from the weather. When used in winter, this means that the display surface does not have to be cleared from snow first.

More Information:

The LED superstructure is raised and lowered with an electric lifting spindle motor. For transportation, the superstructure remains hinged down and is locked electromechanically in this position. The pre-warning sign is easy to operate intuitively, either directly at the unit‘s own control device, or all functions can also be operated while the vehicle is moving thanks to the optional radio remote control with a backlit graphic LCD display and active feedback. All road signs, pictograms, symbols and texts, also as running continuous text, are saved in bitmap format and can be produced individually by the user working at the PC. The standard scope of supply already includes the necessary easily understood editing software (in German) and the USB 2.0 interface cable for programming the unit.

A selection of the main road signs, texts and animated graphics are already preprogrammed ex works so that the MV-LED can be used straight away. The spacious battery compartment in the chassis of the trailer offers enough space for two batteries and for a battery charger if required. The battery compartment can also be used to store the radio remote control overnight, where it can be recharged at the same time to keep it ready for use. The mobile LED prewarner MV-LED can also be simply pushed onto our mobile warning trailer AM 4 TL for convenient transportation to the roadworks. In this way, only one single towing vehicle is needed for mobile warning trailer and mobile prewarner.

Technical Data

Trailer single-axle, unbraked, approved up to 100 km/h
Empty weight 640kg
Gross vehicle rating 750kg
Overall length 4.260mm
Overall width 1.810mm
Height hinged down 1.800mm
Height in upright position 3.640mm
Battery casing ( Lx W x H) 540 x 1,120 x 310 mm
Towing device exchangeable ball-type towing device and DIN eye as standard feature
in the scope of supply
Signalling technology BASt-tested double LED warning light system Ø 340 mm;
display signs as self-contained LED systems, protection rating IP 54;
lighting test as per EN 12966;
upper LED display sign 1,115 x 1,115 mm, resolution 48 x 48 px, LED colours red/white;
lower LED display sign 1,405 x 1,720 mm, resolution 64 x 80 px, LED colours white; red/white on request;
all LEDs also available in RGB as an option
Scope of supply including editing software (in German) and USB interface cable
Optional remote control with illuminated graphic LCD display

Optional remote control with illuminated graphic LCD display