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Sale, rental, installation: all you need for safety at road construction sites!

How important today is a competent partner for traffic safety, is already evident in the multitude of regulations that must be observed and implemented: StVO, RSA, ZTV-SA, RiLSA, TL barriers, TL beacons, TL-Abhängestafeln, TL erecting devices, TL temporary markings, TL warning strips, TL traffic cones, TL guide elements, TL-transportable protective devices, DIN EN 1317-1 and -2 and many, many specifications more ...

  • Pioneering light

    Pioneering light

    LED advance warning lamps / flashlights, Running light systems with LED technology

  • Vehicle safety gear

    Vehicle safety gear

    LED Illuminated arrows, Mobile LED alternating traffic sign, LED warning light system, Rotating beacons

  • Portable traffic light systems

    Portable traffic light systems

    Mobile traffic lights for temporary traffic control, Crossroads controllers

  • Mounting devices for signs and traffic light systems

    Mounting devices for signs and traffic light systems

    SchilderständerSign stands, Crossing out devices, Mobile mast constructions Auskreuzvorrichtung, Masten, Großmastsysteme

  • Mobile Mastsysteme

    Mobile Mastsysteme

    Overhead cabling units, Overhead cabling unit, Aluminium round mast construction

  • Maintenance documentation

    Maintenance documentation

    GPS-controlled, reliable and counterfeit-proof

  • LED lighting systems

    LED lighting systems

    Mobile LED lighting systems, Mobile LED floodlight

  • Height warning

    Height warning

    Mobile height warning system, light barrier system

  • Directing installations and blocking devices

    Directing installations and blocking devices

    TL safety beacons, TL traffic cones, Mobile road barriers, Directing humps

  • Marking foil and accessories

    Marking foil and accessories

    Markers / Reflektor elements

  • Mobile Crash Barriers

    Mobile Crash Barriers

    ProTec crash barrier system

  • SMA 80 WZ Mobile crash cushion

    SMA 80 WZ Mobile crash cushion

    Crash cushions for ProTec mobile crash barriers

  • Mobile information technology

    Mobile information technology

    Congestion warning systems and LED signage systemsn.