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Service Control

A new dimension of maintenance control.

It is one of the stipulations made in the "Additional Technical Contract Conditions and Guidelines for the work Involved in Safeguarding Roadworks (ZTV-SA 97)", and also one of the requirements made by the authorities, that roadworks protection must be checked at least twice a day by the responsible person named in the traffic law directive, or his deputy. Amongst others, a record must be kept of time of the check (ZTV-SA 7 [3]).
But up to now, it was almost impossible to provide conclusive proof of correct maintenance with the details of technician, date and time of the maintenance trip together with the work performed. Contracting authorities had no reliable control of whether the contractor regularly fulfilled his maintenance obligations, nor did the contractor have any satisfactory possibility in the context of a possible legal dispute (e.g. after an accident caused by failure of the lighting) of proving that he had performed his maintenance task, possibly even shortly before the incident.
The "Service Control" by Peter Berghaus GmbH allows you to keep a 100% record of your construction site maintenance. Furthermore, the system can also be used in many other areas simply by changing the software.

More Information:

How "Service Control" works.

Every service technician is allocated a "Service Control”. On arriving at the site he logs in by simply swiping his "Service Control" past the detection chip fastened to the roadworks safeguards. The "Service  Control" then tells him to check all the maintenance criteria stipulated in ZTV-SA 97 paragraph 7 (6). In other words, the maintenance tasks that have to be performed are listed one after the other in the "Service Control" display. The technician confirms each maintenance task after it has been checked. He can only log off and leave the site after all the required maintenance tasks have been checked. A print-out of each maintenance trip recorded in this way can then be produced at any time and submitted to the supervisory authority as verification of regular maintenance at the construction site (stating the date and time).

The advantages of "Service Control"

  • 100% documentation of the control trips performed by the maintenance technician with a control print-out.
  • No more hand-written daily reports by the maintenance technicians.
  • Clear and simple instructions for the necessary maintenance work as per ZTV-SA 97.
  • Closed system, therefore no data manipulation possible (no PC link).
  • All maintenance-relevant criteria must be confirmed individually in "Service Control". It is not possible to log off and leave the site before this has been completed.

The following maintenance criteria for example at roadwork construction sites are reliably documented by our "Service Control" in line with the requirements of ZTV-SA 7 (6): 

  • Warning lights
  • Illumination of the road signs
  • Signage
  • Marking colour or film
  • Marking buttons
  • Traffic signal system
  • Road restraint systems/directing elements
  • Cleaning
  • Barrier beacons
  • Accident damage
  • Time of commissioning the construction site
  • Time of ending the construction site inspection
  • “Service Control” can be used in many areas and easily adapted with replaceable software to the specific application.

Order Numbers:
Service Control: SC 0001
Vehicle mounting bracket 12 Volt: SC 0020
Printer with serial interface : SC 0030
Table mounting bracket for Service Control: SC 0032
DCF 77 - Clock module: SC 0040
Identification chip: SC 0010