Mobile Crash Barriers

ProTec Mobile Crash Barriers

ProTec Mobile Crash Barriers

All parts of the mobile crash barriers are developed and tested by employees of our company. In next-to-no time, Peter Berghaus GmbH has developed a varied product range to satisfy the many different applications for mobile crash barriers in construction site situations.

Each system has its specific advantages. In the product range of Peter Berghaus GmbH, for example, ProTec 50 is the lightest and the compact, narrow crash barrier ProTec 161 is the one with the high containment levels N2, H1, L1.

The practical experience gained by our service companies of the AVS Group in handling mobile crash barriers on a daily basis is swiftly ploughed back into the company's R&D and production departments. Thanks to our skilled trained staff and the specially developed fleet, several 1000 m of mobile crash barrier systems can be easily installed oder deinstalled every day.

We have also designed our new systems with raised ground clearance with the added advantage of avoiding the potential risk of aquaplaning posed by completely closed systems. Furthermore, the high ground clearance also helps to prevent soiled carriageways, as rain can flow under the barrier and wash dirt off the road surface. 
This means additional safety for all road users, particularly at accident-prone roadworks.

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