Crash cushions for ProTec mobile crash barriers

Crash cushions for ProTec mobile crash barriers

Energy-absorbing mobile crash cusihions are installed at the beginning of a mobile crash barrier and provide additional protection for road users in work zones and changed traffic routing.

Peter Berghaus GmbH is the certified partner ofSMA in Germany.


SMA 80 WZ Mobile crash cushion - technical dataNew

  • Length 3600 mm
  • Width 750 mm
  • Height from ground 680 mm
  • Weight1250 kg
  • Order no.: PT5100 


Advantages at a glance:

  • Anchorless
    SMA 80 WZ is the first redirective device not fixed on the ground used to protect vehicles from frontal and lateral impacts against movable barriers within Work Zones Areas.
  • Short, Narrow and Light
    The SMA 80 WZ width is specifically designed to completely cover the shape of narrow obstacles such as New Jerseys and portable steel barriers. The assembled system can be easiliy lifted up with a small crane or a forklift without problems.
  • Fast and Easy Installation
    No anchors need to be installed. Only the transition to the mobile crash barrier is necessary. This offers a great advantage for the reusability of the device in each new working area.

  • Robustness and Repairability
    The vehicle inpact is absorbed through the frontal trolley and the collapsible beam. SMA WZ 80 drives the vehicle along its rail in order to avoid unpredictable behaviours. After vehicle impact the device is easily repaired by replacing the damaged parts.

  • Tested safety
    The device has successfully passed the side crash test according to the European Standard EN 1317, proving its ability to deflect the vehicle in the roadway.

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