Marking foil and accessories

Marking foil and accessories

Changed road layouts or roadwork situations put many road users under considerable stress. Unusual routing, larger volumes of traffic, narrower lanes and speed limits demand the full attention of every motorist. Stressful conditions like these are further compounded when it gets dark and rains.

Yellow lane marking lines through roadworks and at changed road layouts make a considerable contribution to safety. Highly reflective temporary lane markings give road users a clearly visible indication of where to go, particularly in the dark and in wet driving conditions.

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Temporary yellow markings can be produced with different materials such as marking paint, spray plastic, thermoplastic or lane marking foil. Marking materials used at roadworks must withstand being rolled over by heavy commercial vehicles throughout the entire duration of the construction work, with a clear directional effect in every weather. Once the construction work has finished, the temporary marking has to be removed again. The marking material must therefore be selected so that it can be removed from the road surface again gently and without leaving any residues, in an environmentally friendly procedure that is appropriately fast.

Berghaus Traffic Technology therefore offers a complete range of temporary lane marking foils for all traffic categories with outstanding day and night visibility, available in various widths and colours. The adhesion properties of the foils can be enhanced by using a primer that is specially rated to the different marking foils and applied to the road surface; this primer coating is indispensable for long-term construction work. The offered foil laying devices make it easier to apply the lane marking foils. BASt-tested marking studs, reflector elements, visual signs and two-component adhesive round off the lane marking range.

Lane marking foils and accessories Lane marking foils and accessories
Thin-layer marking foil
BASt Test no. 95 1A 11.26
Thick-layer marking foil
Silver-bronze for pre-marking
Foil laying device
Foil-pressing roller
Distance measuring unit
Marking studs and reflectors Marking studs and reflectors
Marker with base plate
BASt Test no. 96 1Z 17.02/KE
Plastic reflector element
BASt Test no. V4-64/2010
Marking stud Ø 120 mm
BASt Test no. V4-30/2000
Adhesive for marking studs