Berghaus & AVS News

Newsletter No. 62 ⋅ Spring of 2020

Dear Readers,

in 1961 my father, Peter Berghaus, founded the company Berghaus Verkehrstechnik. We owe the first radiocontrolled traffic light and many other traffic technology products to his pioneering spirit and constant endeavours to make our roads safer. Establishing a company that rents out materials that secure construction sites; M+V [now: AVS]; continuously new services and ideas for new products; being a trailblazer in relevant panels of this industry – those are the foundations the AVS Group is based on today.

The future needs its origin
Today the AVS Group, which originates from the Peter Berghaus family business, is represented internationally. I have continued to apply my father’s pioneering spirit in the Berghaus traffic technology and AVS for several decades. We believe in the power and experience of small businesses with long-term traditions. As part of our corporate philosophy, the direct and personal contact with our customers is just as important to us as our focus on the services we provide. The development of the AVS Group is based on the association of small businesses with long-term regional experience. As of February 1st, 2020, I retired from the business operations I have been handling as the CEO, yet I will continue to act in my function as partner of the AVS Group. From now on, I will assume a new responsibility as a member of the Advisory Board of the Group and support AVS as a consultant. I am more than pleased that Hendrik Hucke (former CFO) – someone from our own ranks, who will bring his many years of experience to the job – will be my successor as CEO. I would like you to place your trust in Hendrik Hucke as much as you have done in me, and I wish Mr. Hucke lots of success in his new position. 

Dieter Berghaus, Council Member