Transportable intersection crossroad controller

EPB 24 Multi processor

EPB 24 Multi processor

Mobile decentralized traffic light control system (Master-/Slave system) controls complex intersections without the need for large cables

The mobile traffic light control unit system EPB 24 Multiprocessor controls temporary large intersection signal systems with minimum time and cable effort. Thus, up to 24 signal groups with a maximum of 48 power cards for 96 three-field, fully monitored LED traffic light signal generators can be controlled decentrally with the master and slave control units of the EPB 24 series. The programming is menu-driven via PC or laptop with AmpelTools in graphical form. For control and as proof, all necessary signal technical documents can be printed directly from the control unit. 

More information:

With the hardware and software solution remote control / remote maintenance, which is available as an accessory, the complete front panel of the control unit with all operating elements can be accessed via the GSM mobile phone network simply by keyboard and mouse, as if you were on site yourself. The control technology of the master control unit and the individual slaves are installed in equipment cabinets with protection class IP 55. The control panel and all control-relevant parts of the master are located in separately accessible lockable 19-inch cabinets. Depending on the application, the customer can assemble his EPB 24 master/slave device system from four different types according to his own wishes and local conditions. 

There is an EPB 24 master with power cards for 8 signal groups and a master in a small housing without power cards. The EPB 24 slaves are also available in two different versions, one with power cards for 8 signal groups and a slave in a small housing for 4 signal groups for practical mast mounting in close proximity to the traffic light signal heads.

Modular design with latest master/slave technology

The use of the decentralized EPB 24 control unit system with, in some cases, several slave control units spatially separated from the master has the great advantage that the cabling effort is significantly lower, since it is no longer necessary to run all lines to a central point across the lanes. It is sufficient to simply connect the traffic light signal heads to the nearest control unit. The control units themselves only need two cables between themselves - one each for the data bus and the power supply. The 230 Volt supply does not have to be centralized, but the individual control units can be easily connected to the nearest 230 Volt supply point, depending on the situation on site. 

The control unit system EPB 24 Multiprocessor has many operating modes and additional functions ex works, such as: fixed time or traffic-dependent operation (VA) with daily or holiday programs; VA operation with green time extension or with green on demand, request operation (basic position all red); coordination operation (green wave with GPS); manual, flashing and dark operation; test operation (sequence without outdoor installation); cycle operation (signal generator test for proper connection and assignment); green time and green wave parameter change during operation; over-programming without shutting down the system. 

The control unit system EPB 24 multiprocessor offers a maximum of safety. Due to the modular design with the latest master/slave technology, the system can be put into operation quickly and requires only a minimum of cabling.

EPB 24 Multiprozessor

EPB 24 Multiprocessor P
With innovative user interface


The extended operating option of the new EPB 24 controller is brand new. Now inputs and searches that used to require a laptop equipped with AmpelTools can easily be done on the controller on location via a built-in panel PC with touch screen.


The new options at a glance:

  • Operation of the system via built-in panel PC without requiring a laptop
  • Touch screen for the input and operations directly on the controller
  • Entering of data into the controller on location 
  • Technician can take the programme data along on a USB stick when implementing the signal system on site and upload it into, respectively from, the system
  • Functions “light test” and “allocation test” can be triggered directly on the controller
  • Modification/adaptation of programme data on site [such as green phase/progressive signalling]
  • Additional novel option: modem for the encrypted and safe remote operation via the Internet
  • Controller can be configured so as to send default information by e-mail [requires optional modem]
  • Features print/copy of target/actual data, interim time and interlocking matrix, signal safety feature, etc. can be activated via the controller and stored as PDF files on a USB stick
  • Possibility to send that date directly by e-mail from the system (requires optional modem)
  • Data comes with unequivocal control ID number and can therefore be perfectly allocated regarding time/date and controller 
  • During the acceptance process on site, the persons in charge can get a close look at the data and can, if desired, copy data on a USB stick or have it sent to them by e-mail from the controller (requires optional modem) 
  • The internal logbook and detailed operating logbook can be viewed directly on the panel PC

Do you also want to profit from the new technical options of the handy touch screen when using your EPB 24 controller? We have the technical facilities to upgrade the panel PC as well as the new internet modem, even for existing EPB 24 controllers. We will be happy to give you an individual quote.

EPB 24 Multi processor – decentral control unit

Funktionsskizze EPB 24

Functional sketch EPB 24

Portable intersection control unit EPB 24 Multiprocessor P with touch screen