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Software for traffic light systems

Software for traffic light systems

AmpelTools program

Software program (Language switch German / English) for compilation and calculation of signal times and for programming traffic lights.

AmpelTools is a single application that combines the AmpelPlan and AmpelWin software products that have been popular for many years now. Use AmpelTools on your Windows computer for simple, clearly structured compilation of extensive signal timetables and other documents pursuant to RiLSA.

In just a few steps, you can easily put together interim time calculations and graphic signal timetables with automatic error checks, such as interim time infringement and conflict monitoring, and much more besides. The signal time documents compiled with AmpelTools can be used straightaway for programming controllers in the current series (EPB 24 and MPB 44 M) or also older generations (EPB 12, EPB 48, EPB 800, EPB 2400 and EPB 6000S). AmpelTools is also ideal for the MPB 4400 series, particularly when using this mobile traffic light system to control more complex traffic situations. AmpelTools summarises signal time planning and programming in one single step. There is no need to export the phase plans, as the compiled data are transferred directly from AmpelTools to the traffic light controller, without any detours. The clearly structured screen makes it particularly easy to handle the software. And best of all, your existing AmpelWin and AmpelPlan data can be transferred immediately to AmpelTools, so that you can start directly with the new software. AmpelTools needs the Windows operating system from version XP.

Clear presentation in colour: Phase plan quickly created with a click of the mouse using AmpelTools.

The new AmpelTools interface with an extremely clear menu structure.

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