Transportable Roadworks Traffic Signal Systems



All our traffic signal installations can be equipped with our innovative LED signal heads now. Instead of traditional halogen lamps we use light emitting diodes. A number of diodes per signal field considerably improve the luminous characteristics of the traffic lights. Compared with conventional products, substantially enhanced brightness is one of the key benefits of the innovative LED modules we use in our signal heads. This effect is boosted by the surface-covering illumination of the diffusion disk. Furthermore, the luminous characteristics of our signal heads have been checked according to the German Industrial Standard DIN 67527, part 1.

Considerable Power-Saving

Compared with incandescent signals, LED signals reduce power consumption by approximately 70%. Together with a slower discharge of batteries this ensures that batteries must be exchanged about once a month only. The disturbing "phantom effect", usually caused by extraneous light such as incident sunlight, is eliminated when utilizing our innovative LED signal heads. Our LED signal heads make reflectors redundant - this means that reflections do not cause problems any more. Not only does the new LED technology ensure constant brightness even at an unfavourable visual angle, it as well provides constant light when the battery's voltage drops. In addition, automatic night-time dimming is a standard fitting in our traffic signal installations so that an infinitely adjustment of the signal light's intensity to the ambient light is ensured.

Minimization of Maintenance Problems

The problem of lamp failures that occurs with conventional incandescent signal heads, often causing signal failures or even a breakdown of the whole signal installation, is a thing of the past when utilizing the innovative LED technology. The main reason why maintenance trips to construction sites will be minimized is the fact that, contrary to incandescent and halogen lamps, light emitting diodes are highly reliable and long-lived.

Substantial Cost-Saving

Using LED signal heads considerably reduces maintenance costs. This new technology, however, is not only cost-saving but also provides enhanced road safety.

LED- Signals

Our mobile traffic signal systems are already equipped with energy-saving LED technology ex works.