Transportable Roadworks Traffic Signal Systems

MBA - manually operated traffic light

This mobile traffic light is used in different versions for manual traffic control or for temporary closure of roadways, loading ramps, exits and access roads under supervision and at the discretion of the user.

In its standard configuration, the MBA has standard 12-volt halogen lights; optionally, each signal head can also be equipped with energy-saving LED modules. Depending on the desired application, the MBA can be supplied with different mobile battery bases to accommodate one to four 12V / 180 Ah batteries.

The operation is done manually directly at the traffic light, by the user present on site. Optionally, however, each signal transmitter can be adapted to the special needs of the customer with additional accessories. For example, a handy cable or radio remote control, an individual time control for automatic operation or power supply units for 230 volt operation are available.

In its basic configuration, the MBA consists of a single signal transmitter that is operated directly at the traffic light head. This version is suitable for use as a manually operated porter's traffic light, for access control on scales, loading ramps or factory premises.

The variant with two signal heads is ideal for use, for example, during tree felling work, to reliably stop moving traffic completely for a short time, because the red light of a traffic light is perceived and accepted by road users much better than flag or hand signals.

New in our range

A brand new addition to the range is an MBA version with two signal heads, which can be controlled manually via a radio hand-held transmitter specially coded to the pair of traffic lights.

The range of the 8-channel hand-held transmitter is about 600 to 800 m and reliably controls the traffic lights with built-in radio feedback - i.e. the operator can read the signal status of the traffic lights on the remote control.

To make the operation very simple and safe for the customer, changing the green light between the sides can basically be done only via the "all red" (Allrot) function. Direct switching back and forth between green 1 and green 2 is technically not possible. Unauthorized simultaneous lighting of green is also ruled out by the built-in status green monitoring. In addition, the lights for red, yellow and green as well as the state of charge of the batteries are monitored electronically. By switching over to all-red, traffic is always given the opportunity to clear the roadway under the supervision of the operator.

The traffic light remains in a signal state until another function is selected via the radio remote control. In addition to the functions all-red, green for one side (green 1 or green 2), flashing yellow and lamps off can also be selected.

Whether with only one or with two signal heads, the manually operated traffic light MBA can be adapted ex works in equipment and function optimally to the requirements of the user.


Please discuss your application requirements with us and we will be happy to provide you with an appropriate offer for a mobile operable traffic light (MBA) suitable for your manual traffic control.

MBA - manually operated traffic lights for traffic control by hand under supervision and at the discretion of the user.

Eight-channel handheld transmitter with feedback MBA

New: Eight-channel handheld transmitter - optional