Transportable Roadworks Traffic Signal Systems


Once again a big step ahead:

Up to 16 frequencies for our function signal systems!

No more replacing of radio system sub-assemblies these now switchovers digitally to the desired frequency. Our new radio system sub-assembly "16 K” now allows you to run the signalling equipment for the company Peter Berghaus on 16 different frequencies, which means in practise that virtually every source of radio interference excluded.

The standard field strength indicator uses ten coloured LEDs to show you on location which frequency is being used. The four different frequencies that are licensed for use by RegTP (Federal Office for issuing Authorisations in the Telecommunications Field) in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as certain licensed frequencies used in overseas European countries are programmed into the new radio system sub-assembly. This is an optimum solution for service providers who operate near the German border and there is finally just one signalling system needed which can be used throughout the whole of Europe. This will certainly save you a significant amount in costs.

The first radio operated signalling equipment, which functions throughout the whole of Europe!

Field strength display & LCD illumination

Field strength display & LCD illumination