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Universal mobile traffic light system MPB 44 M/S

Universal mobile traffic light system MPB 44 M/S

MPB 44 M/S is used for the flexible control of a maximum of 12 signal groups, for example at pedestrian crossings with a requirement for simultaneous traffic-dependent one-way change, junction or intersection traffic, possibly with an additional turn lane, blinker or waiting signal.

The MPB 44 M/S series is based on the MPB 4400 system, which has been popular and excellently proven in practice for many years. This means that our customers do not have to change to a completely new traffic signal system, because depending on the equipment, existing signal heads can be immediately integrated into the MPB 44 M/S system.

The creation of the signal time programs also corresponds to that of the MPB 4400 series. This has the great advantage that anyone who has already worked with this traffic light can immediately operate the new MPB 44 M/S traffic light system. It is therefore not necessary to retrain your employees and to teach them a new system, which will especially please our customers, some of whom have been familiar with the MPB 4400 for more than 20 years.

The MPB 44 system consists of a master control unit "M" and individual signal heads "S", which are suspended directly from the masts. These signal heads, equipped with Berghaus LED technology and 42 volt technology for a central power supply, differentiate between two-handle pedestrian and three-handle roadway heads. If required, all roadway signal heads can be equipped with direction-sensing radar detectors for traffic-dependent traffic light control. Likewise, if desired, our PB-CAM can also be used as a video detector for traffic detection on the MPB 44 S signal heads. 

To implement a demand traffic light for pedestrians, demand buttons can be plugged into these signal heads immediately. Additional wiring of the pushbuttons to the control unit is not required.

All traffic light heads are each equipped with their own control board, which also detects the connected additional devices. All signals are controlled centrally by the MPB 44 master control unit via data bus.

The MPB 44 M control unit already contains the 1st traffic light control and is therefore supplied ex works with a special lane signal transmitter.

The data exchange between the master control unit and the individual slave signal heads, together with the central 42 volt power supply from the control unit, is only carried out via a single cable, which significantly minimizes the amount of cabling required at the construction site. And since no extra cables are required for power supply, detectors, pushbuttons and data bus, this single-cable solution saves a lot of time and money when setting up and dismantling the traffic light system.

If, exceptionally, no mains voltage can be provided on site, all components can also be operated separately with 12-volt batteries at the control unit and at the individual traffic lights.

Depending on the desired application, up to four signal groups can be programmed directly on the control unit without any further aids - simply and quickly via the handbox interface integrated in the master and already familiar from the MPB 4400. For programming up to 12 signal groups, the interface for connecting a laptop is also already permanently installed in the master. Therefore, there is also a freely accessible 230 volt service socket in the control unit, so that, for example, laptop operation is always guaranteed. Laptop programming is done in the usual way with our AmpelTools software program.

The MPB 44 M control unit also includes the 230/42 volt transformer for the central power supply of all signal heads, a residual current device (FI switch), the emergency off switch for the complete traffic light system, the connection for an external printer or laptop (USB and serial) and the connection for our SMS notification module.

Directly from the factory, the control unit also has a connection for an external operating device for selecting manual mode, all-red, flashing, lamps off and automatic, for example, with a cable or radio remote control. 
A synchronous input for coordinating the green wave is also provided, as is an output for a parallel signal generator.

The digital AC meter built into the front panel of the MPB 44 M control unit can be used at any time to quickly determine the 230 volt energy requirement - ideal for cost accounting if you ever need to fall back on a private mains connection.

Would you like to know how you can integrate your existing MPB 4400 traffic light systems into the new MPB 44 M/S system? 
We will be happy to advise you. Please ask for your individual offer.

MPB 44 M Master control unit

MPB 44 M - compact master control unit for controlling up to 12 signal groups - including built-in 42 volt transformer for central power supply of all MPB 44 S traffic light signal heads.

MPB 44 S Signal transmitter

MPB 44 S signal transmitter for control of pedestrian and road traffic with built-in control system